16 April 2011 @ 07:00 pm
Amber: Shades of Amber ~ Session 7 ~ 09 April 2011  
The malefic abyss of that woman's mind… what a disgusting bitch. I understand cultivating an air of forceful and dangerous personality, but the depths to which she had sunk opened for me a level I hadn't suspected could exist. I see now that my experience with and expectations of life in Chaos must be reevaluated. By all accounts, this scion of House Arawn was an exemplar of her people, having survived the exigencies and contorted court politics of Chaos. Looking into her mind was like exposing my unprotected skin to source of hard radiation; it crackled and seared and prickled and burned. If I had been a member of her house, afforded this view, I would have leapt to defend myself from her depravity.

But in that swirl of hate and torture and sadism, I felt a pulsing core of confidence. It roared and growled and tossed its head like a lion, it spurred her to ever greater feats of injury and viciousness. It flared, whispering to her that nothing had ever bested her before, and nothing would do so now. It was overconfidence.

And it was my ally. She attempted escape, or rather, had prepared to escape. I assaulted her with a dozen little worries, then two dozen. Dimly I perceived Mordecai performing a more direct offensive of his own, firing a continuous stream of high-power electricity into her chest. She waited too long to effect her retreat, and in a flare of green fire she expired. Her head would have made a terrific prize, but along with the rest of her corpse it was burned to flinders and ash.

But not before she performed a final act of mischief upon me. I am wounded, mostly in my pride, and she is dead. I must consider that a victory.
Music: Children of Dune - Brian Tyler