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12 March 2011 @ 05:37 pm
Amber: Shades of Amber ~ Session 3 ~ 5 March 2011  
Destruction can satisfy some hard-to-scratch itches. IT isn't quite the same as revenging oneself upon a hated enemy, but close.

On Volturnus I met few people capable of besting me, but nowadays in Haven I feel a bit overmatched. I've been lucky so far that my knowledge of a modern Earth has been useful to my cousins, who all seem to come from provincial backwaters. Once they feel comfortable enough to navigate on their own. I suspect their tolerance of my comparative uselessness will wane.

I need to make sure they realize my potential in other areas. Being able to single-handedly blast a giant to shreds—and, following that, most of a building—taught them there are aspects to my upbringing they might find indispensable.

Maybe that's why I felt compelled to tell them about my telepathy. The lot of them seemed both incredulous and scared—Dominic in particular—though Moredacai seemed merely disappointed he hadn't been able to make use of it earlier. If it turns out to be useful in the face of the trump cards, I'm certain my position will be more secure.

And if I can procure more blasters, well….
Mood: pensive
Music: "Afer Ventus" - Enya