26 February 2011 @ 03:53 pm
Amber: Shades of Amber ~ Session 1 ~ 19 February 2011  
Today I beheld Earth.

Not as a pale star at dusk, nor as a dusty disk in the makeshift telescope of some natural philosopher, nor yet among the evolving petroglyphs of Kasei Valles. I saw it with my own eyes, on a street, gray and blue and festooned with lights.

It was not my Earth, now demolished, but an Earth, like someplace viewed through a torqued windowpane. The sights were familiar, but I did not know them. The people spoke English, and the place smelled of New York, but I saw nothing of rocket exhaust—a constant thing in my childhood, spiking aloft from the Long Island Spaceport. The policemen who came in response to the disturbance caused by my arrival drove dumpy automobiles. The shining memories I keep of those heroic figures of my youth in their sleek, nuclear-powered interceptors… I thought them lost, like the old story goes, like tears in rain.

My skin and eyes have reconfigured, but my brain recalls the idyllic placidity of life in middle America, kinked and disrupted by the specter of atomic war. But that was just the background, overshadowed by the promise of Expansion.

I was resigned, and now I find myself moved almost beyond bearing. I maintain my composure only through the strictest control, hoping my façade will permit me time to integrate my old resignation with the new reality. I am not the last and only human being. Earth lives!

Even the gravity felt right.
Mood: amazed
Music: "Mars, the Bringer of War" - Gustav Holst